Birthday Lunch

26 November 2023

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Daughters are angels sent from above To fill our Heart with unending Love. -J. Lee-

We are pleased to invite you to attend our beloved daughter’s birthday lunch party

Ellena Mak

First Daughter of

Mr. Ferry Makmur

and Mrs. Jelia Juventia


26 Nov 2023

At 10.30 a.m – End


Favor Coffee, Jl. Kutilang No. 20-14

Kp. Melayu, Kec. Sukajadi,

Kota Pekanbaru, Riau


Please do not use emoticon.

Karren 2
Happy Anni~f1rst~sary Karren.. semoga sehat" dan bahagia selalu ya..
Karren 2
Mikayla n Matthew
Happy birthday karren,sehat selalu dan jadi anak yg sayang papi mami nya <3
Karren 2
J and D
Met ultah karren... sehat dan bahagia selalu...
Karren 2
Koko Ostin
Happy Birthday meimei Karren Semoga sehat dan bahagia selalu, cepat gede biar bisa main bareng yaaa
Karren 2
Happy Birthday dear Karren! wish you abundant of happiness and love <3
Karren 2
Roby and fam
Selamat ulang tahun yg pertama karren, di ulang tahun yg pertama onti uncle sama gwen doain panjang umur,sehat selalu, dan tambah pintar yah karren.
Karren 2
Ii Amel
Happy birthday Karen... Selalu jadi anak yang baik dan sayang sama mami n papi nya ya... GBU
Karren 2
Happy first birthday baby K!! May you have many more birthdays as sweet as you are <3
Karren 2
kuku Franz
one year of joy, one year of love. happy 1st birthday Karren! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCHHH
Karren 2
Happt birthday dear Karren! Wish you all the best and may your whole life be filled with countless blessing and true happiness
Karren 2
Cece Heppi
Happy Bday Bayi Cantik Karren… Always Happy, healthy and Blessed
Karren 2
Ii Abekk
Happy birthday karren ^^ Wish u all the best !!
Karren 2
auntie talim
Happy birthday Karren~~ Sehat dan Bahagia selaluuuu yaa, sayang sayang sama mami papi ♡
Karren 2
Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you!
Karren 2
Happy birthday Karren! Wish you all the best, always healthy and happy! 😀


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Birthday Lunch
We gladly to invite you to attend Karren’s Birthday Lunch.